Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Christmas House Tour

Hey all!

All the house decorating is finally done. So I thought I would take you on a tour of all the decorations we have up this year.
Just a note, all of these decorations were created or purchased last year in 2013. So if you see things you might want to find in stores now, I'm sorry, you most likely won't find it.

Let's begin!

Starting at the front door, we have this little wreath that I quickly put together last year. My sister is a florist and had some plain green wreaths she let me have and I just added some cute bows I found at the Dollar Tree (last year).

Next, we have our interior front door. I just hung some glittery decorations on each of the window panes. Also, we have this cute little bell door hanger that I found at Dollar Tree, this year. (I guess I DID do a little shopping this year, he he.)
We have a very large TV that is its own entertainment center. So I am always decorating the top of it. Last year I bought this cheap garland and fake berries & flowers all from Dollar Tree, and with a little help, created this garland.  behind that, we have my 3 vases that I use for each season, simply filled with smaller Christmas balls.
Then on each side of the TV, we have 2 of our 4 homemade snowflakes that we created last year as well. Just Popsicle sticks and paint. (it was NOT as easy as it looks)

On the opposite wall, we have out tree. And on each side, are just 2 little cute signs I got at Dollar Tree last year.

We have our stockings in between our 2 tall window.  (yes, they are un even, but I'm short)
Moving onto our dining area/my office.
The archway between the two rooms, has a bundle of balls handing from the middle. I did eventually add the same garland to the archway, as is on the TV, but didn't get a chance to take a picture of it all together.

 I have decorated the shelf over my desk with some items I found at the Dollar Tree last year.

On the other wall in the same room, we have a couple more of the home made snowflakes, but most of all, we have my new prized possession for the season. The homemade tree of my kids handprints. I saw this on Pintrest last year and now I can't fathom getting rid of it.

Oh but that's not it, I also have the kitchen decorated! Again, ribbon and bows fromthe Dollar Tree. And the wreath...i'mnot sure where I got it, but I jazzed it up with some bows last year.
And we also have a few signs hanging as well.

Last but not least....we have 2 of these little white trees that we decorate in pink, and put on the front porch each year. This year, i decided to allow the girls to have them in their rooms. They like falling asleep to the tree lights each night.

Would love to see all of your ideas as well!
Have a safe and happy holiday!!