Thursday, November 6, 2014


Ok, this is probably going to be a little embarrassing and people might think its gross but i don't care. i am a real mom with a real life and kids who only have respect at school. And I know I am NOT alone!!!
I am so tired of people preaching to make the kids do that and the other. And I know I have done it too. But OMG.........I have probably spent a small fortune trying to help my kids get organized and make it as easy as possible for all of us to clean up real fast. but my kids are soooo damn stubborn, I can't take it anymore. I don't want the be that mom, but I have no choice.
So back track to the last few days.......

I work a full time job.
My lunch break for that job is spent picking up kids from school.
The kids have been home pretty much all week...while I am working...
I have been trying to clean ALL clothes, so i can better sort through them to get rid of summer stuff and make a give away bag and organize the clothes we are wearing right now.
I have been trying to cook real meals, as we strayed away from that for a little while.
Bathing kids at night and making lunches.
Husband has MS and has been completely exhausted from his working hours, so I haven't asked him to do much of anything.
On top of the tired husband, we are in final stages of court issue with the ex-wife and she isn't going down without a fight. So to see her fighting for her ADULT child, while we are suffering and worrying about money and the fact that hubby needs to cut his hours back due to his health, but can't... and our 3 elemetary school children.....its been added stress.
I am ONE person. I scream and yell and my kids still don't listen because I can't "stay on top of them" because I AM WORKING!!!!! (btw, i work from home, but I am on the clock with real bosses)

With all that, this is what happens if I God forbid decide to relax and watch TV with the kids for a couple hours the last 2 evenings. Really?????????

I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!