Wednesday, November 5, 2014 tips

Hey all!  If you read my blogs, you know how I love to get my coupons from I print from this site all the time. From my experience, there are a few tips with this site, that you may not know if you are new to printing coupons.

1 - You can print 2 of the same coupons, per computer/IP address. So if you see a great coupon, and would like to have 4 of them, you can't, you can only have 2. Unless you have another computer you can go to, to print more coupons.

2 - There are sometimes different coupons for different parts of the country or states. For instance, east coast coupons, might be different from the west coast coupons. So you can always try to add a different zip code in there, to see what might be available out there.

3 - They now have a Coupon Codes tab, where you can locate online coupon codes for sites you may frequently shop from online.

4 - Loyalty Coupons tab - this tab will show you coupons that are specific to the stores you shop at the most, and adds them to your card. However, these are also the same coupons that you can add to your card, from the stores website or app. Its not a way to add MORE coupons, it just ANOTHER way to add the e-coupons that are available.

5 - Card Linked offers -- this is something new and I have yet to try it out yet. What it is, is you can add your credit or debit card to your account, then add coupons for specific stores like Old Navy.  Once I have actually tried this a few times, I will be doing a review blog post about it.

6 - The coupons reset on the 1st of each month. However, they also add a few new ones mid-month. So what I like to do is print all my coupons in the beginning of the month, then go back at the end of the month to see what more might be there for me to add.

I hope these tips help inspire you to go and check out the new site. And remember, there is no need to pay full price for anything.
If you have any questions about this site you would like to pick my brain about, just let me know!