Saturday, November 22, 2014

Simple way to Extending Christmas Morning

As a parent at Christmas time, we do a lot of work. Myself, for instance, I research gifts and prices and best deals for at least 2 months ahead of time. I have spreadsheets and lists galore.Then we spend hours wrapping each gift and trying to make it look perfect....just to watch the little buggers rip it to shreds in minutes. So I wanted to share some tips with you on how to make the Christmas morning with your kids, TRY to last a little longer.

In my house we have 3 kids all around the same age, and of course they all want the biggest and best, and well...we just can't swing it all the time. If we did get them that stuff, that would be IT. Nothing more. And my girls are still young enough to really enjoy the opening of many gifts. So I plan more on quantity. I make sure each child has the same amount of gifts under the tree and in their stocking.

Stocking tips:
*Wrap each item in the stocking. This can stretch out  the stocking process about 5-`10 minutes, while you grab your coffee real fast. It allows the kids to open something (aka keep them busy), while you wake up enough to enjoy the grand event.

*Do a lot of little items in the stocking (size wise). I typically try to make these just every day items they use, but in smaller versions. Typically bought at the dollar stores or at least costing no more then  $1. EX: hand sanitizer, chapstick, lipgloss, cool toothbrush, lotion, travel size body wash or body spray.  I know these seems boring, but with all the fun items they bring out this time of year, it makes it worth it.

One at a time:
(Disclaimer - this doesn't always happen in my house, and I only did it with my parents as a teen)
Have each person only un-wrap one gift at a time. Go around the room - Mommy, daddy, child, child, mommy, daddy...on so forth. This allows you to see & enjoy the persons reaction as they open each gift. And it extends the time of gift opening.

Scavenger Hunt for the big ticket item:
This can be done with any gift, but we did it when our daughter got a bean bag chair. You can't really wrap that and it doesn't fit under the tree. Instead, Santa left her a letter with a clue. Each clue led to another clue, until she found the gift on the back porch. 

Hope these little tips help you enjoy your Christmas morning, just a little longer.