Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stockings for gifts

Do you ever realize that the older we get, the less joys of Christmas we get as well. For instance, Christmas stockings. Once the kids are grown up, do we really keep that tradition? Not all the time. But its still a fun tradition!

If you are feeling blocked on what to get someone, and  worrying about making sure its the perfect gift, try bringing back some Christmas magic. Fill a stocking for them, and give that as a gift.

You can find really cute stockings in the Dollar Tree around Christmas. you can also even find a few little items to throw in the stocking as well.

I did this last year for my parents, and they liked the idea so much, they asked me to do it again.

Here are a few idea of items you can place in the stockings:

*small candle
*wax melts for the person who has a wax warmer
*lighters/matches for those candle lovers
*book marks for the book worms
*pens or notebooks for writer
*For that diva in your life, make-up is always a great stocking stuffer
*small kitchen items like measuring cups or salt/pepper shakers for the baker in your life

Have fun with it!  Just because people might grow out of the stocking phase because the kids are all grown, or they don't have kids, or whatever the case may be, doesn't mean they won't enjoy a little stocking under their tree.