Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Deals at Five Below

Hey all!

I hit Five Below last night to grab some stocking stuffers things for my girls and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.
I'm telling you, if you can, hit Five Below before the bigger stores. There were a few items I planned on getting the girls that were around $15-$25 each and I ended up paying way less.

Electronic Bejewled Blitz - i was about to pay about $15-$20 for this at ToysRUs. FiveBelow has it for $5.00

 I was going to hit another store to get the Frozen version of trouble for my daughter then say this for $5.00. Its a 3 pack of frozen games. The Pop-up games is not overly small either. So instead of one game for $15 I got 3 for $5.00.

A few other deals I got that are not pictured:

*Stompeez $5.00 a pair -- these are those slippers that have eyes and ears that pop open and closed as you walk. My twins have been wanting them, and there they were.

*Ear phones - the kids all share ear buds right now and I don't like having to constantly worry about cleaning them. And they hurt my one daughters ears. So I grabbed some cushioned earphones for each of them. $5 each. They also did have ear buds there as well.

A few other items that I like to go to Five Below for:
*nail polish
*lip balm
*cellphone cases - OMG they have tons of them there for all models of phones
*hair ties for the girls
*scarves - both for cold weather or for fashion
*PJ pants
*art supplies
I could go on & one. But one last thing I want to alert people to.....their make-up!  Its pretty darn good. They have these palettes from Profusion, that are close to the Naked pallets. Colors are pretty close and there are the same number of shadow colors, for $5.00!!!!  Their eyeliner pencils are pretty good too and right now they have a 6 color set of eye liner pencils as well.

So if you have a Five Below in your area, I highly suggest hitting that store before going anywhere else. You never know what you will find!!