Wednesday, November 19, 2014

6 Quick Tips to Clean Your Bathroom Before Guests Come Over

We all have those times when we get last minute guests coming over. Someone who you haven't seen in a while. Someone you might want to impress, or at least not disgust.

As a mom of 3, I feel that people should be able to accept some level of messiness in my house. But for extra special guests, there is one room I like to not neglect - the bathroom.

Below are the steps I take to quickly clean my bathroom in 10 minutes or less.
A little tip...I have a 2 story house with only one bathroom - upstairs. So to make this process go faster, I always keep my bathroom cleaners and little trash bags near the bathroom. No reason for me to run downstairs and get sidetracked away from the task at hand.

1 - Collect all clothes, whether clean or dirty, and all the dirty towels. Place them in a laundry basket outside of the bathroom (unless you have a laundry basket with a lid so the clothes are not visible)

2 - Place any hair ties, hair brushes, make-up, etc in a near by drawer or basket in a closet or cabinet. (basically out of sight)

3 - Collect all trash and replace the full trash bag in the can with a new one.

4 - Use wipes to quickly wipe down all sink surfaces, soap dispenser, or any other items you need to leave out on the sink.  Also run a wipe over your toilet seat, toilet seat cover, and the tank and flush handle.

5 - Close the shower curtain. It makes the room automatically look better. And if people are looking behind your shower curtain, its their problem, not yours.

6 - Place out at least one clean towel.

This can also be used as a mid-week quick clean up as well. But in comes in pretty handy for those last minute quests cleaning jobs as well.  Hope you find this helpful, or find some helpful tips to use.