Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Take THAT, you One Size Fits All tights!!!

As we know, One Size Fits All doesn't really mean One Size fits ALL. I have been glad to see this year, that some manufacturers have changed it to One Size Fits Most. But even that is not big enough for some of us.

I really needed striped tights this year, for my witch costume. I was hoping that some stores would sell striped leggings in all sizes, but I have had no luck. After searching and looking, I decided I was running out of time to even order online. What to do???

So I just bought the damned One Size Fits all tights, from Walmart. If all fails, they were only $4.

Of course....they didn't fit. And all the striped knee high socks I found, had designs on them which took away from the "witchy" effect I wanted.

In protest, I decided I WAS GOING TO MAKE THIS WORK.  I cut the tights, right up the middle of the crotch. You don't wanna be tights..I'll make you into thigh highs. HA   I proceeded to sew each sock to create a single leg stocking aka thigh high.

For me, they rolled down,. but stopped right behind my knee, so I now have witchy knee socks.