Monday, October 27, 2014

Crazy few days and a Halloween party

Hey all!
I know I have been MIA for a few days, but i took some time off work to get things done, and the first day ended up crazy emotional. And I am just now having a change to fill you all in.

I took work Thursday & Friday to get stuff done for our Halloween party this weekend. Well Thursday I didn't get moving until about 1pm, well because I was being lazy. Brian had his MS morning insomnia, and he wasn't feeling well, so I laid half alert for him.

Then just as I was getting motivated, he informed me that his ex-wife is cross motioning us, in our request to emancipate his almost 26 yr old son. This poor man is working his butt off, pulling full time hours with a disease that is getting worse, just to make sure that he can pay child support....for an adult. So pissed.

So between worrying about him, and know that with his condition, she is pulling this crap because she can't make her kid get a damn job, just had me emotional and out of it all day.

Friday was my day to make up for it all. I was pretty much going all day long. Decorating, cleaning, last minute food shopping for the party.

Saturday was party day. The party wasn't until 5pm, but there was still a lot to get done. And although Brian had off work, he was up at 5am that day. He did clean the kitchen for me...but I still had work to do in there, so I pretty much messed it up and had to re-clean it again. busy busy day.

Below are some pics from our party. Hope you enjoy and maybe get some idea for a party you may be having this week!

My niece made this cake, just for my party.

This was the doorway from our LR/DR to our kitchen. All of the lighting, except the kitchen, were black lights.


Bats flying out of the kitchen, and right over our game.

 Spiders in the LR

 My little coffin and light show on the shelf. you cant see too well, but there were little flickering tea lights in front of each coffin.

 More bats and chains, along with vases full of skulls and birds.

Our front porch is enclosed so as soon as you walked in, you were greeted with this, before entering the main living area.

 We have had these skeletons since our wedding and brought them out to greet the guests, on the front porch.

 At the other end of the porch was this spooky pumpkin setting. The only other light in this room was an orange light bulb.

I carved the pumpkin, for it to puke my cousins guacamole.

Bobbing for apples!!

My cousin also made these cute little pudding cup graveyards.

It was a long night!!!!