Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Series #7 - Goodie Bags

Will you be making goodie bags for a Halloween party, or for your trick or treaters?  I've got a way to make them just a little more fun.

Get yourself some latex, non-powdered gloves.  (you don't want powder all over your treats that you will be eating)  I have seen these in random stores, but they are out there. My husband gets them to wear for work, to give him more grip when working on cars, and to keep his hands from getting filthy. I would suggest checking Walmart, or even

 Next, get a couple of bags of Smarties candies. You will need 5 per goodie bag.

 Put a roll os smarties in each finger slot. This will help the hand shape keep form.


Fill the rest of the glove with other candies. Tie off the top. Voila!  Spooky goodie bags for your Halloween party, or trick or treaters.