Wednesday, October 1, 2014 -- no clip coupon savings site & App

With today's technology, there are so many more ways to save money, other then clipping coupons. There are lots of sites out there you can utilize. And some of them even have coordinating apps. is a clip less coupon site that also has an app.

First, you create an account, and add all of your store cards, for the local participating stores they have listed.

Then, save all of the offers for products you buy, want to buy, or think you might buy in the near future. (Or just save them ALL list I do)

The way it works, is that you save offers on their site for products that you purchase frequently. It looks like a coupon. But instead of saving offers on your store card, it records offers that you purchased with your store card, and gives you credit for it. Your own little SavingStar savings account.
These savings do not come off, at the time of purchase, when you are checking out. You can use other ecoupons or paper coupons for that. This just gives you the credit amount, on your account.

Once you have reached $5 in your account with them, Savingstar will credit you that $5, by one of the options they have -  Paypal, direct deposit into your checking account, or credit.

If  you have the app, you can scan your receipt from participating stores, that do not have store cards like Dollar General, Family Dollar, Sam's Club, Target, Walmart, and more.  This will record any of your saved SavingStar deals, that you purchased on that receipt, and credit your account.

Below is the link for the website, and a direct link to their page that tells How it Works.

I have gotten payouts from this site before, so I can validate that it is legit. I hope you all try it, and it ends up benefiting you. Have fun!

How it Works: