Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Weekly savings tip - Dunkin Donuts

Hey its me! Now I know a lot of my sale posts are store specific for the area I live in but..if you pay close attention, you very well could find deals  like these at your own local stores.

These tips refer to Dunkin Donuts.

1 - Get the app.This app allows you to have instant access to coupons for use at DD, just by having them scan your phone. And if you are lucky like we are, you get a free medium coffee every Monday after your local NFL team wins a game.

2 - You don't always have to buy a dozen of something, or a box of munchkins. Think about WHY you are buying a dozen donuts or a box of munchkins. For instance, my girls love munchkins, but I typically buy them for them, on the way to school. So they don't eat a whole lot. Instead of buying a box, then having left overs, (or even worse, eating them yourself), but one of the cups that sits by the registers. its more then half the price, no waste, and no extra sugar you don't need to be eating,  ;)

3 - Learn your hot vs cold cup sizes. Have you ever notice when You get a large hot coffee or latte, you drink it all.  But if you get a large iced drink, you never quit finish it? Wonder why?? Check this out next time you are in the store. It makes a big difference in how much you are spending as well.

HOT                                         COLD
medium               =                      small
large                   =                     medium
extra large           =                      large

(Also, for hot lattes, the cup is never completely full due to the foam at the top. So you should buy a size larger on these, then how much you want.Which is why I typically only buy these with coupons, as they are a higher priced drink item)

4 - There really isn't too much of a difference between iced latte and iced coffee, but there IS a price difference. If you really just want a flavored iced drink, opt for the coffee and not the latte. You might save about $1 or more.

Now I know if you are not in a penny pinching mode, some of these chose this or that options may not matter, but for those who HAVE to have that DD treat once in a while, think about WHAT you order more.