Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mommy Scenario Tag

I have seen this tag going around YouTube, and thought it might be interesting. Although my children are older, I still thought I would do this, and answer with how we did (or still do) handle these scenarios.

1 - If your kids refuse to eat what you cooked for dinner, would you force them to eat or cook something else for them?
Answer: My kids are VERY picky eaters. I have one who will try anything and eat almost anything, main dish wise, but not much on veggies. Another only eats veggies really. Another changes her mind every week. So typically what I'll do it cool a meal and have side dishes choices, to ensure that each child will eat at least 1 or 2 things our of 3 or 4. if they don't want to eat ANYTHING, mine are old enough, I tell them to figure it out for themselves then - whether it be a sandwich, or cheese roll, or soup, etc.

2 - Your child has a meltdown at the store, do you continue your shopping or leave?

Answer:  Mine never really has major meltdowns at the store once they were older. When they were babies, I always had bottles and snacks, that worked. As they got older, I would talk sternly to them in a corner of the store, and that worked, they would behave. Sometimes, I would have to resort to bribing, but...I never leave a store. I don't always have time to "go back later".

3 - Your child received too many toys for their Birthday, do you return some or stash away for another time?

Answer: my children never receive "too many" toys, so we don't stash any or return any.

4 - Your child is protesting sleep in the middle of the night, do you give in and turn on a movie at 3am, or do all you can to rock/nurse them back to sleep?

Answer:  My kids pretty much as babies, just needed

5 - You have an appointment, but no sitter. Do you take you kids with you or reschedule for another time?

Answer:  Depends on the appointment and the age of the children. When they were younger, I tried my best to take minimal kids. But now they are older, and I find myself just taking them more often.

6 - You find out you are having an unexpected guest in about 20 minutes. Do you rush around to clean your house, or leave the mess?

Answer:  Depends on who the guest is and how messy the place is. If it looks like we have completely ignore all housework for days, I will clean until they get there. But if it was clean the night before and its not the bad, I won't worry too much about it. I pick up as I go along, while they are here.

7 - Another child pushes yours at the park. Do you go find the parents, or reprimand the child yourself?

Answer:  I don't like confrontation, so I was the mom who would tell their kid to shake it off and go play somewhere else.

Now that I have done this tag, and answered for what I used to do, I will try to create a Mommy Tag for older children now, as mine are 8,8 and 11 yrs.  Let me know if you would be interested!