Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Holiday photo cards

Hey all!
I know I have been MIA lately and I apologize. This is the time of year things get a little crazy around here with all the birthdays and parties and getting back into our school routines.
But its also that time of year where I need to start thinking about photos for our yearly Christmas card.
I used to just take my kids school pictures, scan them, and upload to a template onto a photo website. But then, we started getting the professionally done. We have friends and family who are photographers, and I thought it was pretty cool I could choose from way more then going to a store and only being able to pick a few.
Last year however, I still wanted to "posed" photo, but couldn't afford a photographer. And then i thought...Why I can't I do it myself???  So onto Pintrest I went. I browsed all kinds of ideas on how to photograph siblings. 
Then one afternoon, we went to the park we hadn't been to in a long time. And there was a woodsy trail back there, and it clicked in my in the woods.
After some more researching, I decided I wanted a few funny ones as well. I chose neutral colors for the girls outfits, because I knew we were going to have bold red props.  (their shirts has sparkle but it didn't come through in photo too well) Below is the final result.

And now, its time to research for this years card. I would love to get a family photo, to represent how we have all bonded through this tough year we have had. But...Brian doesn't like photos and I am not at a weight I wish to display.  But we shall see.

So if you like to get creative with your yearly cards, have fun with it. You can do it yourself! And Pinterest can be your new BFF to help you with ideas too.  The season is fast approaching us.

Please feel free to share your past ideas as well.