Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to organize your holiday decorations

Once the Halloween decorations come out, its seems like a never-ending job for the next few months, of pulling out decorations and putting them away. But a tip that can help it go a little easier. Now, this will cost you about $5-$10 per holiday, but it should only be ONCE, for a few years.

I know some of you might already have some bins and have a great organization system. If that is you, then feel free to move along. This post is for those who, like me, have just started really getting into the decorating thing, and are investing in new decorations each holiday.

It all started last year, I began to buy more decorations for the smaller holidays that I typically used to ignore. I used to only decorate for Christmas. But then we had a small flood in our basement which ruined a lot of boxes we had. And our decorations were just getting older and the cheap stuff was looking cheaper, so I started from scratch. Also, now that we live in a house, I wanted the decor to change with the seasons.

I bought a small amount, last year,  for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Then when it came time to put them away, I didn't really have anything to put them in, as I never really had Fall decorations before. So I bought a small bin that fit everything. However, I have bought A LOT of Halloween stuff this year, so I will need to get a new/bigger bin before I un-decorate. Then I will have all the Halloween stuff in its own "Halloween" bin. And if you buy these during the season, you can get them in colors to coordinate with the holiday. For example, I am going to buy an orange one for Fall stuff. I bought a few red ones last year for Christmas. I also have a clear smaller one for a few Valentine's Day items.

I prefer the clear ones, so you can see if what is in them, is really what you think is in them, without having to pull it all out and open it, etc. So my red ones, are see through red, so I can see if its lights, or garland, or what-not.

My one last tip -- if you haven't used it in a few years, and it doesn't have family sentimental value, get rid of it. That way you can make room for new more modern items you might want, or new traditions you want to start with your own little family.

Here's to a great 2014 Holiday season!