Monday, October 6, 2014

My Fall Must Haves

It's FFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!   I love love love this time of year. I love it so much that I treat it more like Spring cleaning. I must have change out the clothes, the make up, the decor, and I want everything freshly clean and.....OMG I love it!!! And I wanted to share with you all, the things that I love and MUST HAVE when Fall comes around.

1 - Must change out the aroma's in the house. All of my sprays, wax melts, candles all change to smells like pumpkin, apples, and reminders of walking through the woods.

2 - Decor. Now this happens in 3 spans of time. First is September, which is when I bring out the reds and apple type things (back to school - get it??). October its time for Halloween stuff. November is all about harvest type decor with pumpkins, and browns and oranges, hay and scarecrows.

3 - Darker nail polish. break aware from the bright colors of summer, its time to break out the browns, maroons, and of course Vixen by Revlon.

4 - Darker make up. Yep, break out my mauve eye shadow and lipsticks.

5 - Body spray & body washes. Yes I am one of those who has to change out her perfumes/body sprays that go along with the season as well. Right now my fave for cooler months is Twilight Woods, by Bath and Body works. 

5 - Hair. Bye bye golden highlights, Hello deeper reds. And this is also when I give the cut a freshness as well, since I wear it down more in the cooler months.

6 - Boots!!!!

7 - Sweaters!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said.

8 - Back to nightly cups of hot tea before bed (and hot chocolate for the kiddies).