Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How did you tell you children about.....

I posted this as a status on Google+ but didn't get too many replies, so I thought I would try asking in blog format, with more information.

How did you all tell you kids about Santa Clause? (along with all the others)

My oldest daughter will be 11 in a few days here and is in 5th grade. I was hoping that by now, something would pop up at school, and she would ask me about it, but No. She was acting kind of strange last year. She wasn't asking ANY questions about Santa. Any excuses I gave to her younger sisters about anything, she didn't chime in like usual. So I got the feeling that she knew something. But, I let it go, to see how she would react on Christmas morning. Nothing really stood out.

My parent's voluntarily told me at the age of 9. I was NOT ready to hear it and was pretty angry with my mom about telling me. I would have like the magic to go a little longer.

But now at the age of 11, I think its time I just tell her, so she isn't shocked or "the kid who still believes" if it comes up at school. But at the same time, she can't keep secrets very well.