Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Baby Girls's Birthday Weekend

Hey all!  So I know I have been MIA, but its been a busy weekend. My older daughter, Madison, turned 11 this weekend!!!And although I decided to NOT have a party, I once again still just couldn't stop adding in types of celebrations, which made it a loooonnnggggg weekend.

Friday was her actual birthday and she had school. So not too much that day. We DID have her closest friends and family over for cake that night. And she got some gifts from all of us.

Then Saturday we went to my parents house, because they had a gift for her and wanted to celebrate with her.
That evening, it was shopping spree time!! woot woot   Her gift from us was a gift card for the store Justice. now I never buy anything in there, so I thought it would be a treat, it would teach her a lesson on how fast a large amount of money can do, in certain stores. WELL......not only did they have 40% off everything, but we walked in on a flash sale of an extra 20% off. So everything was basically 60% off. Didn't do too darn bad -- shirt, tank top, bedazzled hair brush, funky hand sanitizer and holder, nail polish, 2 piece PJ set -- all for $55.
Sunday we took her out, for her special BD treat. (it was also our 12th anniversary). She begged to go to Sky Zone, so we took her. For those of you who may not know, Sky Zone is an indoor trampoline park.
Before we left I got a text from her friends mom, saying her kids were bored and would we mind if they met us there. So she even got to jump with some of her friends.

After that, we met some family at Cracker Barrel for lunch.

Although I ended up NOT saving much money by NOT having a party, it was still a pretty nice weekend, without the extra stress of a party.