Friday, October 10, 2014

Birth story of my first born

Hey all! So, my oldest daughter is 11 today!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!  In honor of her BD, I thought I would tell the little story of her birth.

First off, she was completely planned! We tried for about 4 months and started to really get discouraged. Our doctor told us that we had nothing to fear, yet, and to just keep trying. The next month I decided to try one of those ovulation kits. well from that, we found out that with my own calculations of ovulation were about 2 weeks off. So with the help of that kit, BAM, 1 try and we were pregnant!!!

The next 6 months seemed to drag on. I just wanted to be pregnant already. I wanted to have a belly, I wanted to waddle, I wanted to dress in cute clothes. Then the last 2-3 months went too fast. I didn't want it to end. I was not ready to not be pregnant anymore. (Yes am that annoying women who loves pregnancy)

My due date was 10/9/03.

10/8/03: My husband had off work and we decided to go out and buy a dresser for the baby. During the shopping, I kept getting braxton hicks contractions, that would make me have to stop walking and let them pass. But they weren't frequent really at all.  That night his cousin and his new wife came over to help put together the dresser, and to tell us all about their honeymoon, they just came back from.  The pains were happening more frequently, but not as painful. I kept going as is, tomorrow I was set to have an appointment. I will pack my bag int he morning and take it with me to the docs, just in case.

10/9,  about 7:00am:  I am in and out of the bathroom, while my husband gets ready for work. I tell him "be prepared for a call today, I have a feeling the doc might send me to the hospital. My mucus plug is coming out like FOR REAL."  he asked if he should just stay home and I tell him NO, because if I end up not going, he will lose that days pay. So off he goes. (mind you he works about 45-60 minutes away)

About 8am, it dawns on me that everytime I feel like I have gas pains and go to the bathroom, the pain just STOPS. Hmmm, is it really gas???  I better start timing this. Sure enough, I run to the bathroom about every 10-15 minutes and the pain just STOPS.

8:30am - call my mom who is supposed to be taking me to the docs at 11:30 anyway. Tell her what is going on. She says "You are in real labor, I will get dressed and come over. Start getting the bag together."  At this point I decided I better eat something, so i ate some cereal. Yeah, baby didn't like that.  And from that point, baby didn't like ANYTHING I put in my belly.
Mom came over, saw what was going on and told me to call the doc office to see what they wanted me to do.  Docs told me to skip my appointment, and head to hospital to be monitored and very possibly admitted. OK!!!!!!!! Its baby day!!!! And ON my due date. I always tell people that I am ALWAYS RIGHT ON TIME. Ha Ha

By now its about 10am, and my mom reminds me to call my husband - OH CRAP! I call him and he made it home in 25 minutes.  We all get final stuff together and head to the hospital about 11:30am.

12:00pm - In the pre-labor room getting contractions timed and checked every 30 minutes. I am only 2 cm dilated, and nothing much is happening. But I feel like I'm dying for 30 seconds every 5-7 minutes. The nurse decides they need to send me home, and goes to get the paperwork together. I ask her "Since I am going home, can I have something real to drink?" She brings me a ginger-ale. Yeah, baby didn't like that either. As I threw up in the bedpan, I thought I peed myself. Nope, that was A LOT. Nurse comes back, we inform her of what happened, she checks and says "You really didn't want to go home did you? You are staying put for a few days." YES, I'M HAVING A BABY TODAY!!!

1:30pm - I get admitted into a room. Still only at about 4cm, I ask when I can have epidural. Of course everyone laughs and thinks it cute, and politely tell me I'm not ready yet. For the next couple of hours, I threw up with every single contraction. Every couple of minutes. I couldn't take it anymore, and was dehydrating myself, so they gave me the epidural about 4pm.. Once I couldn't feel them anymore, I stopped getting sick.  At this point, I was trying to nap but the excitement wasn't allowing me. I talked with friends on the phone and visited with family who came to see me.

10pm - My epidural started wearing off, just as the doctors told me I could start pushing. The pain wasn't allowing me to push, I just wanted to stay still and not move or do anything. The doctor was being a real meanie head about it.

11pm - doctors switched over and I got a new one.  As my old doc walked out, she said to the new doc "good luck". Excuse me????  (this mean doc is who I ended up with delivery my twins 3 yrs later and was soooo awesome that time around)  I convinced the new doc that I couldn't go on without more pain meds. She gave them to me. And we started our thing.

Apparently she couldn't just be born on her due date, she HAD to wait a few more minutes.
10/10/03, 12:06am - Madison Lynn was born. 7lbs, 18 in, and red hair.

It was like there was an elephant in the room. I looks at my husband like "OK, now what?" All that trying and excitement and now it was all over, she was here.  I didn't know how to react. I didn't feel the need to cry and gush all over her, but felt like if I didn't I wasn't being a mom. So I just held her, and stared at her. My precious baby girl that I had been dreaming about for what seemed to be forever.