Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Felt the love this year on my BD

Hey all!
This weekend was my birthday.  And although I wasn't planning much, I still felt the love. Which in my world is sometimes rare, as most special dates seem to fall within the last few days of a pay period, or my husband is working. But things were pretty cool this year.
I didn't expect much. All I kinda wanted was to sit around a bon fire on a nice Fall night. And that is exactly how my day ended.

First, my sister stopped by on Friday night with a cute balloon and an awesome gift I saw on Facebook and HAD TO HAVE.

On Saturday, my actual birthday, I woke up to gifts from my husband and the girls. All things of which I wanted or loved. OMG someone has been paying attention ;)
My 2 doz cupcake holder/carrier from ACMoore that I have had my eye on for almost a year. Some fall scented candles, a cute polka dot phone case, and my fave jelly beans!

Next, the girls decided they wanted to make me breakfast. I wasn't really hungry but I let them go for it anyhow. They didn't do too bad either.
Toaster Strudels, yogurt, and juice. They used my cutting board as a tray to carry it out to me on. how cute!

Later that night, we headed to our cousins house for the bon fire I asked for. Well they decided to do a cook out on the grill for us all and even got me a cake. I was touched because they tried to make it all about me, even though it was their anniversary. 
Cupcake cake

Me, by fire light

On Sunday, me and the girls headed to my parents for a little visit. She gave me a card full of scratch off  tickets and we had some pizza & wings with them.  It was a nice afternoon.

All in all it was a pretty good birthday. Turning 37 isn't a big deal, so I treated it as such, and ended up pleased in the end!