Friday, September 19, 2014

Coupons that are ALWAYS out there

Hey all!
I was just going through my Shoprite e-coupons and came across a few that I always have. And I thought, there are certain coupons that are either always out or circulate A LOT. Are you all aware of what type of products you really should be using coupons for, and never pay full price? Well here is a little list for you.

1 - Cereal -  EX: $1.00 off 2 General Mills. Or $1.00 of 3 Kellogg's. I just printed one because its a favorite in our house $.75 off Honey Nut Cheerios. The trick with these, is to try to get the coupons that are for just ONE box. If your store doubles, you are looking at about $1.00 off and if the cereal is on sale, that's a good deal.

2 - Betty Crocker Fruit snacks -- at all times, I always have an ecoupon for $.50 off 2 as well as a printable for $.50 off 2, which at my store comes to $1.00 off 2 -- and these tend to be on sale a lot. i typically always pay less then $2 for my kids fruit snacks.

3 - Yoplait Go-Gurt -- There are ALWAYS printable coupons for these. But be careful...they switch it up sometimes between $1.00 off the 16 ct or $1.00 off 2 of the 8ct. If your store has them on sale, you really need to do the math to know which deal is better. I often find myself buying 2 of the 8ct boxes with no coupons, because its cheaper then using the coupon on the 16 ct box. And sometimes its the other way around. But either way, never buy these without a coupon.

4 - Diapers --I wish I was into couponing and understood it all when my kids were babies, especially the twins. But I didn't. however, now, I see there are printable coupons all the time for the different brands. Sorry I can't give too much detail since I don't need diapers anymore, but wanted to let you all know, there are always coupons for them.

5 - Dish soap -- we go through this stuff like water because we hand wash all of our dishes. There always coupons out there for dawn or Palmolive. Typically I hoard those coupons, then when the small bottles go on sale my CVS for $.99, I will buy about 6 bottles at once for around $4.00. And if you have Extra Care bucks to use as well, that will drop the price even more.

6 - Pillsbury rolls - these can vary from the croissants, to the cinnamon rolls, but there are always the coupons out there. Especially in the fall with Thanksgiving and Christmas  - you can always find coupons for those.

This is not all of them, this is just a taste, there are many more. Go explore! I listed my 2 most go to site below. 
Have a great weekend!
Don't forget to check those grocery store ecoupons!