Sunday, September 21, 2014

Halloween Series #4 - front windows

Hey all!
Halloween is getting closer, so the decorating has begun. I have done a small decorating spree this weekend, and really just want to keep going, I'm so excited. But financially, I need to slow it down a bit.
however, I did do the front window yesterday, another Pinterest idea find.

So easy. You just get some Halloween cut outs in plain black, or you can cut out your own. Lay them out on the floor first to see how it looks. This skeleton was hard to do because, as you can see, he was taller then the window. So we had to try to figure out a pose to make him fit.  Once we had everything taped onto the window, we then took sheets of orange tissue paper, and taped that to the window as well.
Now, as you can see, I only did the lower portion of the window. That's because we have an awning over the windows, so if you are at street level, you can't see the upper portion. And these windows do sit 6+ feet up, so if you are just walking by, you might not even notice the windows at all.

Behind those window is our front porch. We will be putting an orange light out there, and there will be more orange and black decor inside as well, for the entrance way effect.  But for now, we just leave our light on inside the porch at night, to help enhance how it looks in the dark.

Hope this helps inspire you for some spooky windows this season!

*Halloween cutouts -- $3.99 for 11pc set --