Monday, September 15, 2014

Candles vs Wax melts

Hey all!  I recently found myself doing some try & compare with my home fragrances, and thought I would share the results with you.

First a little back story....I have this weird fire paranoia. Not sure where it came from. Only started once we moved into our house. But I am constantly worried and making sure things don't and can't catch on fire.
That being said, I got rid of all candles. (I do still have some in case of power outage)  I was introduced to Scentsy in 2012. I heard about it and decided to have a home party/demo on it.  Its this warmer that uses a light bulb to heat and melt wax cubes, which is turn smell up the house.
 (Above is my living room wax warmer. I also have a plug in for the kitchen and bathrooms) 

 OMG I fell in love with this. Its so easy, no worries about where I put it or if the kids are running around. Also, Walmart sells the Better Homes & Gardens (BHG) version of this for a lower price as well.  I am addicted! My kids do all they can when in Walmart with me, to steer clear of that section of the store. I will be there for 15 minutes picking out ONE new wax melt. When I discovered they had out fall scents....I went crazy trying to pick out just a few scents.

Now that fall is here and that is my FAVORITE time of year, I saw all these candles that smelled really good. I thought, let me try one. I will keep it on the stove in the kitchen.Well....the smell is not as strong as I hoped it would all. Now I know, this is only a $4 candle, if I want it to smell good I should hit Bath & Body works or some place like that. Guess what? Not all of us can afford to spend $20 on ONE candle. I eventually just put the candle on my desk, and you could get a wiff of it, once in a while. I was not happy. I LOVE this scent, and I can't smell it. WTH????
(This is the candle I got because it smelled so good and I thought it would be great.)

So, I the next time I was in the store, I bought the wax warmers in the same exact scent and brand.
I honestly thought that maybe the smell just wasn't that strong of a scent, and it wouldn't make a difference. But for $2 I might as well try it, right? Guess what? I'm done with candles again!
I put 2 of those wax cubes in and it smells up most of my downstairs and up the stairwell. The candle did NOT do that.
If you get these wax melts from Scentsy, they run about $5 a package with 8 cubes per package. If you get the ones from Walmart, they are $2 a package for 6 cubes per package. Either way, depending on what your budget can handle, they both work just as well.  I did choose to invest in the warmers through Scentsy (they seem s bit sturdier and long lasting), and about 2 times a year will treat myself to an order from there, but other then that, I just hit Walmart for my new season house smells. 

So in conclusion...when it comes the choosing a candle over wax melts, I think wax melts is the better option, to get the smell throughout your house. And best thing yucky after smell when you shut it off either, compared to when you blow out a candle. You can get these wax melts EVERYWHERE now. They even sell them at craft stores & Dollar Stores.

Hoping this finds those of you who may be looking for a cleaner way to make your house smell nice!