Friday, September 12, 2014

Update on the MS front

Hey all! I realized its been a while since I have done a post on my husband and how the MS is going.

So, not too much has changed. he still has good and bad days. However, I noticed that he seems to have particularly bad morning, the night after taking a shot. And he takes the shot 3 times a week. But it only last a few hours then he is back to normal. And by normal, I mean his new MS normal.

He limps ALL the time now. Its normal to him, but still frustrating none the less. he says its still not painful, but from what I have read up on and observed, it makes him tire out A LOT faster. Because he is using his good leg more, he gets numbness in that leg a lot. He says its nothing, but it really concerns me because he does still drive and its his right leg. And what if both legs go. I mean, once the limping started to be consistent (before diagnosis), it progressed fast. The meds are supposed to prevent it from progressing too fast but I don't have faith in that yet.

He loses his balance quit a bit, and has to catch himself, but that is going to be worked on finally. He has started the physical therapy process. They have him carrying a little notepad so he can joy down the time and date and explanation of every fall he has.Their definition of "fall" is when you lose balance and have to reach out for something. if that something was not there, would you have fallen?
I'm surprised, he's been pretty good about making the notes, which to me shows that he WANTS to try to do all he can. Sometimes he seems like he just doesn't care anymore.

With the end of the summer last week, he did admit that he feels bad because there are things we would love to take the girls and do, but he just can't do it. He can't go and walk around a water park for 4 hours. And he is not the kind to go and watch from afar. So in turn, I don't do too much with the girls, that I know he would want to do, because I feel bad for him.

I am sure we will figure it all out. And hoping the Physical therapy helps him regain a little more confidence.