Friday, August 15, 2014


We finally got a new car!!!!! Yay!!!!  Its been 11 yrs of holding onto the 2 cars that we had. We paid them off and saved so we could buy a house. We lived financially stable (for the most part) for a while, but that's all over with now. Ha Ha

Certain financial situations we deal with are about to end, which will give us some extra money each month. And, my husbands car was starting to show its age. Mine was/is too, but it only has 65,000 miles on it. Soooooo, we decided that we would get rid of hubby's car and get a new one, and he would start taking my Hyundai to & from work. (he only works about 4 miles away from home)

Now for the last year or so, it had gotten to the point where he was only driving his car to and from work anyway, and my car all other times. Either he would be out with us, or running an errand for me. And my Hyundai was starting to show its age, and it was making my anxiety about cars get really bad. Like I didn't even like going more then 10 minutes away in fear the car would break down or I would get a flat, while Brian was at work. Therefore, we have slowly been fixing the little things on my car because we ARE keeping it. But now, while Brian is at work, I will be driving the new one, for all of the kid running around. And he will be driving the new one, anywhere else he, or us, go.

I'm not going to lie, this is going to be an adjustment for me. Up until now, its always been his car/ my car. Now we are basically sharing 2 cars (I guess that's what most married couples do). I am going to have always re-adjust the seats now, and the trunk of my "old" car is now filled with his auto crap, that he apparently NEEDS for work. So I have to keep that in mind when taking the the old car now.

All in all, its really exciting. And I can't wait to not be secluding myself anymore and in constant worry if I do have to drive more then 10-15 minutes away. YAY!!!