Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Halloween Series #2

My extent of dressing up is usually doing some make up that is a little out of the usual for me. but this year, I decided that if I'm having a party, I need to dress up. I decided a witch costumer would be pretty easy and suits my personality. Then I went on Pinterest.

I have been wanting to try those tulle skirts that are no-sew. And I thought it would be cheap. As for cost, it wasn't really really cheap for the adult size skirt, but I guess some people might think that is cheap.

10 rolls of tulle - on sale for 2/$5 = $25 (I made it to hit my knees and I am only 5'2)
1 strip of elastic = $1.50 (this 1 yard length was perfect for my fuller waste size)

 I also wanted to do this as a test run because I believe I can do costumer for the girls, on the cheap this year. A couple of them weren't liking that idea...UNTIL I started working on mine. Now they are all on board.

Here is the completed look.

Now I initially only bought enough tulle for half the skirt, so I wasn't able to complete this from beginning to end, but all together, with cutting and looping, it only took maybe 1 to 1 1/2 hrs to complete.

I encourage you all to try this, its fun and cheap. Along with this skirt, I will be wearing a plain black shirt I already own, A witch headband I got at Dollar tree last year (sure they will have them this year too), and black boots. Oh, and once they are out, I will be getting some striped tights. That's it!

Disclaimer:  Glittered tulle will get glitter all over. I was not told this until after I started to project. But in my opinion, it was well worth it.