Monday, August 11, 2014

Halloween Series #1

Hey all! Now I know a lot of you might be thinking "Halloween? Its only August?!?!" I know, but we decided to have a Halloween party this year and I am so excited about it. I am taking the time to slowly plan it out and gather all of the items that we need for it.

So I thought I would bring you all along on my adventure. I know that Halloween and Christmas are the 2 main holidays that people go crazy over. And hopefully my ideas will help you all with your holidays as well.

We live in a row home style house. So you walk in the front porch porch and you can walk a straight line all the way to the back.  So my thought is to try to make each room you enter, as you walk through the house, a different spooky theme.

Our enclosed front porch, where people walk in will be black shadows and orange lights. We also have a bride and groom skeleton statue that our kids are no longer afraid, that will greet guests.

The door that enters the actual house, will be fully covered so no one has any idea what to expect. They will enter the living room, full of spiders in all shapes and sizes, illuminated with black lights.  All furniture will be covered in white sheets to enhance the spooky-ness.

I plan on having a large curtain of some type in the archway that gives more separation to the LR and DR. In the DR there will be a spooky snack table, some type of pin the tail on the donkey game for kids, and a selfie station for...well...Selfies!  Ha Ha

Another drape of some sort will cover the kitchen doorway. The kitchen will have a vampire theme of black and red. More adult type food will be in the kitchen along with all type of non-alcoholic and alcoholic spooky punches for all to enjoy.

Enter through the kitchen to the back porch, where you will enter the black light room. Full with black lights, spooky glow in the dark masks covering the walls, and mystery bowls for the kids to see what intestines and things like that feel like.

Exit to the back yard for some apple bobbing.

If you happen to need to use the restroom, be careful not to touch any evidence throughout that murder scene set up.

I think my mind may have bitten off more then it can chew, but I am determined to make this awesome. I hope you enjoy following me along on my adventure.

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