Friday, August 8, 2014

The mind trip that last minute plans do to me

I really hope I am not the only mom who does this but....when someone pops up last minute plans on me, my mind goes into a whirlwind I can't even explain. And due to this, I seem to always end up saying No, just to make thing easier.
I just got a text at 10:41am, and although the end result was me politely saying "No, but thanks for asking. Why don't we hang out tonight?", the mind trip I went through to get to that place went as such....

Incoming Text :
"I am heading to the beach with the kids. I know you didn't want me to take all of them alone, but can I take at least Madison?"

My mind goes:
OH, that would be OK. Madison would have fun and she is the older of the 3, I can trust her to listen and stay with the group.
But Madison is still sleeping.
Why is she sleeping? Did I give her meds last night? Was she really coughing too bad? Should she really go? I can't remember how much she was coughing.
Wait, when are they even going to GET there? Beach is over an hour away and its almost 11am.
 Ava is awake, should I offer her to go? No, that's not fair to Isabel and I will have to deal with the reprecutions all day.
Wait, Madison has plans with Daddy later. She has been asking him all week if they are still going. That might be a reason Madison would not want to go, she very attached to him now on his days off. But what is she DOES want to go to the beach? If she does, will he get upset?
Will he even have time to take her out this afternoon -- he is working on my car right now? That could take all day.
Stop, back to the question at hand. Do I really want to wake her right now? UGH what to do!!!
Forget it.

My Reply:
Sorry, Brian has plans with the girls for this afternoon already and she is still sleeping anyhow. But thanks for asking. If you are not out all day, we will be home tonight if you wanna stop by."

UGH -  if I could just get my new car, and not be paranoid about breaking down, I would just take a couple days off and take the kids on days trips. There is still time.