Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fried Zucchini chips

Another Pintrest "tried it" recipe. But they were soooo good. Only thing I would change is to cut them a little thicker.
See I grew up with my mom making fried green tomatoes. And I hate tomatoes. But as long as they were green and cut really thin, I ate them. So I was thinking along the same lines this time. However, the actual veggie taste wasn't too bad, so they could have stood to be thicker. But that is another "to each his own" situation.

Let's start with the wash - 1 egg and probably about half that bottle of Italian dressing. Place sliced zucchini in the wash.
Placed the egg & dressing soaked zucchini slices in a bread crumb mixture of salt, Mrs Dash, and onion powder. (If you use onion salt, you might want to leave the actual salt out of the recipe). Of course you can change these ingredients to your liking as well.
Last, just fry 'em on up and eat!!