Friday, August 22, 2014

After school routine

For some of us, the new school year has already started and for others, its right around the corner.
For us, this means getting back to being on schedules. I love when my kids follow a schedule, because ti keeps them occupied, which keeps me calm, which in turn makes everyone's lives easier.

Now this year, I don't think I will have to "post" an after school schedule, because the girls are now all getting older. And, my oldest is in an after school program now, which keeps them apart, and again, keeps the calm in the air.

This all started a couple years ago, when the girls seemed to be out of control at home, but the teachers raved how they were helpful angels at school. Why couldn't I have those children? Fine, I will treat them as though they are at school. And boy, it worked!  As long as there was a list they could refer to, they liked doing it. And when Daddy was home and threw things off, they would refer him to the list as well. It went something like this:

After School Schedule
1 - Snack time
2 - Homework
3 - Chores

After this, it was free time. We do have to pick up the oldest at about 5:45, and we do have dance classes two times a week. So there is not much more of a schedule after this. But the little bit, DOES help.  Especially since I work from home, and find myself on conference calls in the late afternoon and need complete silence.

We also have a chore chart that reflects chores for the entire family as well, that the girls refer to. Below is the link for the blog post that talks about that. Another thing, they actually like.

Hope this helps you to find some peace in your home with the after-school rush.

Chore chart blog post:  Blog post about Chore Charts