Thursday, July 24, 2014

Naturebox - July 2014

I hate to say but this month had a bit of some mis-leading flavors. Not all bad, but still, you can't judge a book by its name either.


Apple Pie Oat clusters -- These were my fave item this month. They did smell wonderful of apple pie, but didn't taste so much like it. It had chunks of raisins in it, but not apple. They were very tasty though. A hard to put down kind of snack.

Blueberry Whole Wheat Figgy bars -- these were just as they said. Like a cereal bar but more outter crust then filling. Although the filling was very fresh tasting. Not too bad.

Cherry Ganache Granola - NO cherry in it what so ever. More like dark chocolate granola & but cluster. And I am not a fan of dark chocolate, but whatever. This I would think might be good in vanilla yogurt.

Teryaki Twists -  These have a very fun snack like chewing texture, crunch and size. The teryaki flavor was so mild you could barely taste it. And after a while of eating these, they start to have a strange after taste.  Not a fan, which sucks because I was excited to try these.

Baked Cheddar Potato Fries -  Another where I was left asking, where is the flavor? It DID have flavor, just not a cheddar flavor. My kids think these are like the cracker sticks you get in the little cracker and cheese snacks. They weren't too bad, but not much cheese flavor and there was a slight spicy after taste.