Monday, July 28, 2014

Kitchen Accent Wall

Hey all! A while back we did a kitchen make-over. Not a big one, but it was significant enough that our kitchen looks completely different.  I was trying to get some good pics of it all perfectly cleaned up, but now I have moved on to the next room re-do, so I think its just time to post about the kitchen.

I did not like the walls in our kitchen from the day we moved in, but my husband did. And we had to paint a bunch of other rooms, so I decided not to be too worried about it. After all, this was a huge kitchen and I didn't even know where to start.  Below are a few before pics, from the inspection day right when we bought the house.
 No folks, that is not real exposed brick, that is faux brick paneling.  Hated it!
 I did however, love all the cabinets. I was used to apartment living. So I was overwhelmed and kept forgetting where I put things. But these cabinet I did love...they were brand new, simple white, clean lines, and brushed silver simple handles.
 More of the ugly brick wall on the other side of the kitchen.
After looking through Pinterest, I decided I wanted to an accent wall. That way the color wouldn't be too over-powering and it wouldn't be as tedious of a job. But what wall? The far wall! That way, it jumps at you from the rest of the house. (we lived in a duplex/row home style house, so you walk in and see the whole length of the house) But what color? I thought of a deeper burnt red and hubby liked the idea. I went out and got a few paint samples, and I fell in love with the idea and HAD to do it.
From there, he decided to finally finish our 14 yrs old kitchen table.  He sanded down the top and stained it a darker color and painted the legs black. Shockingly, I loved it. But now something else needs to be black to match....I decided to get all new knobs and drawer pulls for the kitchen cabinets.

From there, hubby decided to get new trim works and stain it darker...well, you can't have darker trim on honey colored doors, so those got a coat of stain as well.
About the same time, we got a cabinet/hutch that my mom was getting rid of. We decided to paint the top black and I got new knobs for that as well.  We also got a new microwave cart, and stained the wood top dark on that as well, along with darker pulls for that too.

To finish it off, I got new cute cafe curtains for the back door.

All in all, I love my kitchen!!!!