Friday, July 11, 2014

My nail polish collection

I know this might be a little boring to some of you, however, oddly I take pride in my nail polish collection.

I used to just collect to have a nice collection when I felt like doing my nails, but barely touched them because...I used to have acrylics. Why collect and pay for nail polish when you can get your nails painted with what the salon has already, for free?

The last time I had tips on was for my sisters wedding, but I decided to not get them refilled. I had toddler twins and they just got in the way. So I took them all off. And amazingly my real nails - all 10 of them - stayed in tact under the acrylic. So...I ran out and got some nail straightener and took care of them. here we are almost 5 yrs later and I still sport my natural nails. Who knew a 30 yr nail biter could stop cold turkey.

Over the last few years I started playing around with nail design. Well now I need MORE colors. On top of that I learned to coupon. I have been known to take $10 in coupons and get 5+ polishes free.
Before long, I had to upgrade to a bigger bin. But I grew out of that bin fast.  I mentioned I needed a nail polish my husband built me one!  Now my goal is to not exceed this rack. I have so many duplicates of the same color its ridiculous.

I was a subscriber to Julep, but the color choices were all similar to something I already had, so I ended up canceling for now.  

Below is a list of some of the larger "collections" that I have. And most I never paid more then $2 for - if that. (remember, I like to coupon also)

*Spoiled by WetNWild
*Wet N Wild

I also have a lot of odds and ends that I got in beauty boxes or as gifts or still left over from my Avon obsession days.

Hope you enjoyed taking a sneak peek into my nail polish world.