Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tell me what's on your mind!

 OK, so I had an entire other post typed up and almost done, then I decided not to post it. It was supposed to be a day in life of all the busy stuff I did today, but then I ended up not doing too much.
So I guess I will just ramble.

First thing  that has been first on my mind lately is....our first HALLOWEEN PARTY!!! Woo Hoo!!!! I am so excited. I have been researching decorating ideas, and food ideas, and making lists of ideas, and places to go shopping and.......aaahhhh. I can't wait to get started!!!

I was getting so stressed with BD parties, and worrying about who was actually going to show up and and taking things personal for my kids, that I decided to skip it and just have one big party a year. This way, whoever shows up shows up and we have fun no matter what. 

Next on my mind....should I run to my parents tonight or hit the gym???  Ya know.....I keep trying to get INTO the gym thing and I just can't. In my head I think that I am all gung ho about the gym, and exercising, then something gets in the way and I give up. In a perfect world, i would work out whenever I want, but as a working mom.....YEAH RIGHT!! LOLOL Nice dream.

Thinking about I like working, it gives me a break from real life there really a need for us to work full time????  Why can't they just hire more people, pay them more, and everyone only works a max of like 25-30 hrs a week. I'm telling gets in the way of our lives. SMH  Issues of the world.

Ok that's enough rambling. Comment and let's discuss!!!