Sunday, July 6, 2014

Crock-pot fajitas

I have been on a crock-pot kick lately. Not because I am lazy but because with my working hours and kids wanting to go out and do this and that, I have been letting dinner slip. And it needs to stop. So I have decided we are going to be utilizing our crock-pot a lot this summer. 

Yesterday, I knew we were going to be hitting the pier for some fireworks, and wasn't sure what the day was going to bring. So instead of standing over a stove sauteing chicken and veggies, I decided to just throw it all in the crock-pot and see what happens. Not a bad idea.

* chicken tenderloins
*Teryaki bottled marinade
*sliced up onion
*sliced up pepper

Put all of these in the crock-pot on high. Now, because we have a pretty good sized crock-pot, the ingredients pretty much only covered the bottom and that's about it. So I put it on high and they were done about 3 hrs later. From there I kept it on the Keep Warm setting the rest of the day.

Quick, simple, and can eat whenever you want. That's the theme of my summer dinners this year.