Friday, July 4, 2014

Patriotic cupcakes!!

Happy 4th of July!!! Hope you all have a great day.  Here is my idea of how to end the day sweetly with a little Pop, Crack & Boom!!

These are red, white and blue cupcakes, with Pop Rocks topping.

First I started out with 3 different cake mixes. I already had a box of white mix I picked up when it was on sale a few weeks back. Then i ran into these mixes at Walmart last week. Although its not pictured, I had one for blue and one for red. No extra food dye needed.

Once all 3 mixes were ready I started to layer them. I put blue in bottom of all the cupcake liners, then white, and last red. I used a spoon but now looking back, I think it might have been a little more even, if I used an icing bag and piped the layers in, but oh well. Will try that next time. Lastly, bake as instructed on packages.

Again, I used some plain vanilla store bought icing, and added blue food dye to get the desired color.
Lastly, I topped them with some red Pop Rocks candy, to give you mouth a little fireworks kick. (note, add the Pop rocks right before serving. They will loose their spark if refrigerated and left out in warm temperatures.

And that is how we added a little fireworks to our rainy 4th of July holiday 2014. Have a great holiday!!!