Monday, July 7, 2014

3 days of chasing fireworks!!

Don't get me wrong, I like the 4th of July. But...I really wish it would just be ONE day...not three.
When I first thought of this, I thought, well its on the weekend and that's why.  NO....its 3 days every year no matter what day it falls on. For some reason, the towns around where we live, I swear like to battle for who gets the most visitors at their events. Not everyone had their fireworks on the same day.  Therefore I have kids, who feel they NEED to watch fireworks every night.

So, here is how our holiday went. We DID have some fun. But it didn't start out that way.....

Our town has a carnival every year, the week before or the week of the 4th. Well, we tried to go on Wednesday night. We got in 3 rides, and clouds came rollin' in. We saw lightening in the distance and they started not letting people on rides. So we left and it rained all night.
The next night, we tried again. Weather was cloudy but according to the radar we had at least 2 hours. NOPE. As soon as we got there, the winds kicked up and the skies opened up on top of us. But only for 2 minutes at a time....each time we tried to get on a ride. So we did a couple games, and finally the kids got on the merry go round. And then it rained again. The clouds started to part but the carney's decided to shut it down, as another storm was headed in anyway.
As we drive away, we saw the rides moving. WHAT??????? UGH
Luckily the tickets are transferable to other carnivals and can be used whenever, even if next year.

Now we are on day 3 and its finally the 4th of July!!!! We headed to my moms for a BBQ and later hit the fireworks in my home town with one of my oldest friends. We go every year.

 Day 4 of the 4th of July....pretty un-eventful on purpose. Got some cleaning done, cooked a real dinner, and then we headed up to the pier in our town. We were able to see fireworks from our right and left. 

Day 5 - the final and last day!!!  We had some family meet up with us for our towns parade, which was followed by the fireworks (which were delayed due to rain).

It was a long 5 days, but the kids had fun and I guess that's all that matters in the end. Hoping you all had an eventful and fun weekend as well!!