Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekly CVS deal at the coupon machine

Just wanted to pop in real quick to let you know, I found out what the weekly coupon machine deal was this week, at CVS.  If you scan your card you will get a $2 off Colgate toothpaste instant coupon. Select Colgate toothpastes were on sale for $3, so with that instant coupon, I got some good toothpaste for only $1.00.

Just for those who are not aware of these weekly deals, here's the info.  When at the coupon machine, scanning your card, most stores will have a little sign on it, that tells you what the big deal is that week. Then you will see that coupon will print. Then you just look at the end-cap shelf right there and BOOM, there is the product waiting for you.   They do it all for you....put a sign up in eye sights telling you to pay attention and use this coupon for the item that is sitting right there. 

This deal changes every week. I have gotten free paper towels, candy bars for $.25, or like today....normally about $5 toothpaste for $1.00.