Monday, June 2, 2014

Heeeyyyy Junnnnne

Hey all! Its that time of the year where summer is fast approaching. However in our house this is a pretty busy month. least  for one specific week in June it will be.

Its the end of the school year now!!!! Our school year has been extended a little bit because of all the hate Mother Nature threw at us over the winter. Ugh.  So my children will be in school until the later part of the month. Boo.  (For them, not me. Remember...I work from home.)  None of the girls are progressing to a higher level school next year, so we do not have any of that orientation type stuff to go through this time around. Everyone is staying where they are.

Dance school will also be ending for the year too.  So we will have picture week, recitals, and showcases, OH MY.   I, of course, will be posting pics and blogs about those end of the year events.

Also this month, I will be doing some 4th of July posts too. I will be hitting the dollar stores for some inexpensive decor.  I am sure I will also be posting about some recipes ideas, or dessert ideas. I have so many things on my Pintrest board for Red, White and Blue holidays that I want to try. So feel free to Follow me on Pintrest and try some of those ideas right along with me.

And I am sure, if not in June, definitely in July,  I will be posting some type of scheduling ideas for kids over the summer. The girls are home with me a lot more in summer, while I am working, and if I don't have a plan, things can get kinds of crazy around here.
I also like to try a few new crafts over the summer with the girls, so I will be posting about those as well.

In all honesty, I don't think I will be posting daily over the next month. I will be stepping up my own game, for certain personal reasons, so I intend on being pretty busy with normal everyday chores and things. But as I stated, I do have a lot of ideas and will be sharing them all with you.

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