Monday, June 23, 2014

Recital weekend

This past weekend was recital weekend.

On Friday, we had Isabel's little showcase at the dance school. Her and her acro teammates did a cute little routine. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it actually was a well coordinated "routine". It was sooo cute and she was so proud of herself, as we were proud of her.

Then Saturday was Madison's recital. This was her second year in a row. And once she again, she owned that routine! Its kind of hard to really want the whole 2 minute dance, and see all the kids, AND concentrate on your own child, but she seemed like one of the better ones. She loves dance. And she pretty much puts her ALL into everything she does, as if she's getting paid to do it.

However, she is talking about backing down from the "dance" and moving onto acro next year. I wish she would stay with the dance because she is so good at it, but I will not be that mom to force my children into extracurricular activities if they don't to. So, we shall see.

Overall it was a very Proud weekend!