Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rebif Rebif Rebif

Hey all!
Just an update. The last few days, my husband has been walking a bit better. He is not reliant on the cane right now, but it still tough. He has been doing small chores around the house and running tiny errands. Not anymore horrible flare ups like Sunday, but he still is no where near what it was like last week, and no way can he work at his job right now.

The nurse came in yesterday and showed us all how to do his injections. He won't admit it, but he seemed a little nervous about it. I only know this because once he actually did it, he was shocked how easy it was. Men an their tough skin. Ha Ha

The only thing that sucks is that we found out it can take a few MONTHS to really get into his system and start leveling out his flare ups. What???? UGH

So off to the doctors we went after this, to talk about how bad it did get over the weekend, and if there is anything that can be done when its that bad. YES there is. Steroid i.v. for 3 days - yay!!
Now we are just waiting for a nurse to come out and set him all up with the iv, and show him how to do it. This is supposed to help kick start him out of the flare up he is in right now, and get back to somewhat normal, so he can go back to work.

Fingers are crossed everyday that he will wake up, and the flare up will be gone. I have heard that MS patients have good and bad days. We were not prepared for a bad day to last a week. the process we are learning when we CAN do something about it and what those things are.

It really IS a day to day type of life now.