Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

Hey all!
Just wanted to pop in real fast and do a quick bloggy blog of how our Father's Day weekend was.

We actually celebrated on Saturday, because Brian was headed back to work on Father's Day, after being out for a week.

We went to Uno Chicago Grill for lunch with the girls. It's not often we get to go out and eat, at a real restaraunt, that isn't a buffet. And Brian mentioned a few times when we have driven by, when we can go there again, so we went.

The girls got to make their own pizza, which they really enjoyed doing.

We also tried some new pizzas, that were on the "healthier" side. I fell in love with mine. it was a Prosciutto Arugula pizza with balsamic vinaigrette - VERY tasty.

And I only got a picture of Ava with her daddy....I suck. But its a cute pic!

We then headed to the mall to do a bit of walking around, just to be out and about a little bit. Saw this pretty bush and couldn't resist the photo op.

On Sunday we went over to my parents, for a BBQ there, for my dad. Was a nice afternoon. The girls got to play in the little pool we set up for them. Yes they are a little too big for a kidding pool, but they enjoy it, keeps them occupied, and it helps us stay cool too.

Note, we did some of my S'mores pockets on the gas grill. The key amount of time for those on the grill is about 3 minutes. Ha Ha  We did a test one first, it came out perfect at 4 mins, bu then half the rest of them got cracker burn. Oh well live and learn. We should have just done it in the oven- ha ha. (*link for the S'more blog post below)

Afterwards, we hit another relatives house for some calming chit chat while kids played. They got to jump on the trampoline and get in the hot tub.

The girls just had a good day all around. Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

*S'mores blog post: