Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Do I REALLY need a $10 nail polish???

As we all know, make-up has dups all over the place. Well, so does nail polish.
In the last few years I have become a bit of a nail polish-aholic. I started with nail art, then realized I needed every color of the rainbow.

I started with the $1.99 polishes I would get at CVS. Then I found the subscription box Julep and signed up for that. However, I think I was a little to late for that one, because I already had soo much. I haven't even  gotten a box each month because I already have versions of most of the colors.

I have even bought a few higher priced drug store polishes. I have found that more expensive, doesn't really mean better. As a matter of fact, the nail polish that I found to be the best, I still only have 3 bottles of because I haven't worked my coupon magic on them yet. however this is also because I already have 100+ bottles.....I think I pretty much have any color possible....or at least close to it.

I went to look for a new color today and the one I picked, I couldn't open. So instead of just trying harder, I looked again and found I have the same color in a different brand. This prompted me to do a little Dup Review for you all.So after checking out a few of these below, you might want to think next time when you are about to pay some decent bucks for a nail polish you might wear 3 times.

                                   Spoiled in  Your Fly's Down ($1.99)    VS    Julep in Lacey ($11-$14)

                                       NYC in Lincoln Center ($1.99) VS Revlon in Vixen($5.99)

                                        Zoya in Dot ($9.00)   VS   Revlon in Cafe Pink($5.99)

                            Spoiled in Kickin The Habit ($1.99)    VS     Revlon in Plum Seduction ($5.99)

                                 Spoiled in Pumping Gas ($1.99)    VS    NYC in Park Ave ($1.99) 
                                    (these are also dups for OPI in  You don't know Jacques $9.00)