Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Frozen --- AAAHHHHH Kill me now

Ok, this girl  has become Frozen obsessed. She has only seen the movie maybe handful of times. But my kids also know very well what YouTube is!!! Due to this, she is constantly singing.
I have had ENOUGH. The tunes comes on and I just want to scream. It was really hard for me to look at other kids in the park the other, and applaud them, as the entire swing set of about 8 children broke out into song. (annoying but pretty cool at the same time)
So, since we have been wanting to begin vlogs, I decided that we should record Isabel singing let It Go. I was all ready to do impromptu video and my husband jumped in stating how she needed to be dressed up and her hair was a mess. OK fine...we'll do it another time.
5 minutes later she comes down, all dressed in blue and asks me to pull her hair up so she can rip it out "Elsa style".
Daddy then had her rehearse and do a test run.  Below is the finished product. Love it. But can we be done with this song now?????     ;)