Thursday, April 17, 2014

The meaning behind MamaMIA

(Left to right: Madison, Ava, Isabel)

The girls in this picture are what makes me MamaMIA aka Mama of Madison, Isabel and Ava.
My babies!

Madison is 10 yrs old. But if you ask her now, she is "officially 10 and a half". My first born. She doesn't miss a step. She remembers everything you tell you her (even if she acts like she is not listening) Our little smartie of the bunch. She is really into Science & experimenting, a lot like her father. She self teaches herself pretty much everything, even taught herself to read when she was 4-5 yrs old and write in cursive before school started teaching it. She is the child who is constantly ON - always thinking or talking or dancing and just full of energy. We enrolled her in dance hoping that it would be an outlet for her, and she might relax at home a little -- ha ha ha -- Nope! While she is at home she is trying to choreograph routines with her sisters and trying to teacher herself other genres of dance that she does not currently take classes for.And yes, she plays the role of the oldest, pretty well.

Ava  is our older 7 yr old ,twin. I call her my little Diva Mommy. She likes to help me try to set new rules in place and loves to help me organize things. And when someone is being disciplined, she is the first t reiterate what they did wrong, as if SHE were the mom. She is very into fashion also. She does not allow me to pick out her clothes at all. And when going out, she likes to do her makeup and makes sure her outfit is perfect.  Again, another smart kid  we have on our hands there. We actually think she is so smart, that she sometimes she purposely plays the "not so smart" game. She is another who likes to teach herself how to do things. She has taught herself how to ride a 2 wheel bike in a matter of 2 days & teaches herself how to draw art, just by freehand copying it.  

Isabel is our younger 7yr old twin - my baby. She is our little slow poke.She took her time coming into this world, and she still takes her time. She is in her own little world a lot. She plays well alone, and sometimes needs it. She does everything at her own pace, but once she catches on, she does it with so much passion. Her sisters were trying to self teach themselves cartwheels and Isabel just couldn't catch on. So she taught herself some other amazing gymnastics moves, and was practicing allllll the time. Now she takes acro classes and loves it! And again....another smart kid we have on our hands. She actaully enjoys doing her homework and sometimes will do extra homework, just to "teach herself more". She is the most sensitive of them all, but that is part of what makes her our little Isabooboo.