Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Its that time of year again. When us bouncy little bunnies are hard at work for our children. Thought I would do a post showing what our baskets are looking like this year, to maybe helps some others get some non-candy ideas.  We typically don't do a lot of candy......because......welllll....we eat candy ALL the time in our house. So its not a real "treat" at Easter.  Also, we tend to give things in the Easter baskets that are meant for Spring or Summer and have to do with outdoors!!!!  Also, I have tried to not go overboard this year, as I typically do. 
Below are some of the items I got for each girl and where I got them. I "say" I am done, but come on...we know how we are ;)

Instead of baskets, we got these plastic tub like bins from Dollar Tree:

 Little container of Playdoh and tablets that grow into little animal shapes from Dollar General:
 Flip flops from Old Navy & Sunglasses from Target:
 These are just little pots with flowers they can grow. My kids seemed intrested when we saw these at FiveBelow for $3 ea., but they were at Target last night for $2.49 ea.
 This is the only candy we got. Everything was $1, except the Snickers and Twix eggs, they were $.69 - all from Target:
 These are not completely done, but you get the jist of it. I still want to write their names on the bins and get some Easter grass to fill in a bit.

Althought we went light this year, I have listed below a few other items that we have gotten in the past, as a few more ideas. Have fun!

*sidewalk chalk
*Coloring things
*lip gloss
*hair accesories
*water bottles
*new warmer weather PJs