Monday, April 21, 2014

Daily Life - 4/21/14

Hey all!

Well today started out interesting. Isabel decided to lose a about 3 a.m.  "Mommy, I just lost a tooth. And its not bleeding."   At this point, not really sure I am dreaming, then realized she really was standing there next to me.  WHO loses a tooth in their sleep?!?!?! Guess I should be glad she didn't swallow it.  Although, that would be a bit funny, waking up with a tooth missing and can't find it.
Now, a lot of people wouldn't think this wasn't too much of anything - a kid losing a tooth - but this same child, lost a tooth last week, on National Sibling Day, about a couple hour after her twin sister did. 

And this is how Isabel woke up this morning. Ha Ha  I think its sooo cute. Amazingly, she is not talking too weird either. (darn it)

I guess our toothfairy needs to make another trip back here tonight. I hope we aren't making her go for broke.