Sunday, April 27, 2014

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Hey, its me!

Tonight, I decided to make the kids some homemade chicken nuggets. Madison asked for the ones that taste like Chik-Fil-A nuggets. In other words, instead of Italian dressing in the soak, I use pickle juice.  So, I thought I would just share this quick little recipe with you all, because my kids LOVE these.

*For the soak, mix 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of milk, and enough pickle juice to taste.
I then put all the chicken pieces in the liquid soak and poke it a few times with a fork. Let it sit while you get together the rest of the stuff.

*For the breading, I mix a little of my regular Italian bread crumbs and some panko bread crumbs (pictured below). Then I used a cup to grind it all up a little bit more. The panko was a little too crunchy for the size nuggets I had cut up.  

Now its time to coat the wet chicken pieces in the breading.

Last step is obviously, to fry them up in vegetable oil. I use just about a little less them half way up the pan. Cook one on side, then flip them.

Finally, chow down. My kids loved these. They were extra extra extra crunchy from the Panko breadcrumbs. Also, those breadcrumbs somehow helped them cook faster, and the chicken inside did not get oily.  I think we have definitely found our new fave breadcrumbs!!