Wednesday, April 30, 2014

CVS couponing

Its time for some CVS tips. As you may know, my favorite high, is going to CVS and getting a bunch of stuff for just a few bucks. This doesn't happen all the time. And it hasn't happened a lot lately, because I haven't shopped there enough. (no need to pop in since I quit smoking ;)  But I am going to try to do weekly couponing hauls again, which will also help increase my credits with them.  You know the phrase..."The more you shop, the more you save."   However, before I attempt a haul this week for you all, I wanted to give you some tips, along with the ins & outs of how CVS works, and what you need to do to take full advantage of the perks. 

#1 - GET A CARD!  Simple...all stores have them. You can even apply for them online these days and get it mailed to you.

#2 REGISTER THAT CARD ONLINE.  I know I said this in another blog, but I'm saying it again. You just go to, register an account, and register your card. Also, there is a separate Extra Care Beauty Club. Just search for it on the site and register your card# for that also. (will further explain down further what this is)
#3: DOWNLOAD THE APP.   You can view the circular this way and you can also check to see what type of coupons you have waiting for you to use. 

#4: SCAN YOUR CARD AT THE COUPON CENTER. I know a lot of people like to just give their number at the register for your deals, but it helps to have your card with you. As soon as you walk in, scan it at the Coupon center and see what coupons there are for you to use. 

Now for the many areas of savings....(and I am sure I am forgetting a few)

EXTRA CARE BUCKS - these are free money. You can get them for multiple reasons. However, each week there are deals all around the store like "Spend $15 on this brand, get $5 ECBs" or "get back $1 ECBs if you purchase this item".  They are everywhere. They will also randomly mail these to your house for events suck as  your BD or an big promotion they are doing, along with percent off coupons.
These will usually print out on your receipt after  you purchase that specific item. So if need be, you can turn right around and use the ECB to go purchase something else. 
Quarterly throughout the year, you will get back 2% of your spending for that quarter, in ECBs. This total is calculated by the retail price of what you bought, not by the sale price or how much you actually paid.  EX:  If you spent $200 before sales and coupons, from Jan to Mar. you will get back  $4 extra care bucks in April.

BEAUTY CLUB - this is another perk to register for. This club tracks your beauty purchases. Again that will be the retail price, not the sale price or after coupons. They automatically send you $5 ECBs with each $50 you spend. This is pretty easy for us women to do because this includes any face products, any make up, all hair products, any perfumes or body sprays, body wash and soaps, sun care, etc. But again, you must register for this to get the them to track it for the Extra Care bucks.  Typically, once you hit the $50, the $5 ECBs will print on your next receipt a few days later. This is not printed in real time like normal ECBs. 

COUPON MACHINE - this is typically in the front of the store. (its also a price checker) You just scan your card, and it will print out notices of any coupons you may have sent to your card via the app or the website. There are weekly special coupons that print our from here too for random items. You should always scan your card...its like the lottery sometimes. Along with special coupons, there is typically always a coupon that makes something free, once a week. And this item is typically on the shelf right by the coupon machine. I have gotten things from free paper towels to $.10 candy bars. 

THE APP - there is no excuse that you didn't get the circular. Its on the app. And so is the list of coupons that will print for you when you get there (which I think now you can send right to your card from the app & the website). 

**Note: you can mix and match CVS coupons. For example, if you have an ECB, and a coupon CVS coupon for % off, and a coupon machine print for $1 off an item, you CAN use all those on the same item/transaction. 
EX:  Tide laundry soap is $7.00. You have a $3 ECB and $1 off tide coupon machine print, $2.00 off tide manufacturer coupon and a CVS mailed coupon for 25% off. You can use those all and end up paying only $.75 plus tax.

I feel like I am leaving something out, but there is just so many ways to get coupons and save money at CVS. I used to think it was too expensive, but its not really....if you know how to work it!

I am going to try to do a CVS haul this week (hopefully tomorrow, but can't promise), with pics and step by step, transaction by transaction, of how I did it. 

On that note....good night all!!!!!!