Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Candyland BD party

(balloons very tediously taped and pinned to the wall)

Hey, its me!
I know this post is over a year old, but I found these pics and thought I would share with you all, the Candy-land themed birthday party I did for the twins 6th BD in Dec. 2012.  This took a lot of simple but tedious work, and a lot of people with helping hands.

This was the famous candy-land sidewalk. I know there were better ways to do it, but I got impatient and just went with the process of cutting poster board in squares and coloring each one. I don't suggest this method, but the idea is there anyway. I went through 2-3 packs of permanent markers and about 4 adults all killing their arms coloring away, over a period of a week. Ha Ha  We then found some heavy duty double stick tape and laid the path.

The giant lollipops. Well this was only doable because my florist sister, still had the bases to come topiaries that she did for our other sisters wedding a few years earlier.  its basically just pvc pipe cemented into a flower pot. Then you can see she glued some cotton filling to the bottom  to give it a cotton candy, on a cloud, look.
I don't think that balloons were secured to the bases at all, but once we wrapped the cellophane and tied with, the stayed in place. 

These cakes i did myself. i used giant cupcake cake molds. I wanted them to have a polka dot look to them. I used a star tip to create the polka dots in one color them the same tips to fill in all around it.
Not the most professional looking the ends, who doesn't like cake and icing?? 

This was our candy buffet. More of the life size lollipops, along with bowls of candy and gum balls of all different colors. The table skirt I found online at and thought it was perfect for the party theme.

Hope this helps inspire some of you, for your next party.